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We are working towards creating a vibrant and active community on the Wilton Hill and Erskine Park estates in Wilton, near Salisbury. We are focused on the provision of an Enterprise Hub as part of the Wilton Hill campus developed by Our Enterprise. We’re working closely with Entrain Space, which is providing accommodation and training services in Erskine House. Our next steps include opening the Café in that building, which will be available to everyone. Plus, taking over grounds maintenance on the two estates, currently managed by Redrow.

Our goals

Community Events

Community Events

We aim to run neighbourhood social events at the Entrain Space Café on the corner of Erskine House to encourage new friendships and relationships between all residents on the development, including the veterans at Entrain Space. With your help, we plan to expand this to create new social enterprise projects to tackle major issues within the community.

Estate Maintenance

Estate Maintenance

To fulfil the aspiration to establish a ground maintenance and neighbourhood improvement social enterprise with Entrain Space veterans, who will take on responsibility for all grounds and facilities maintenance of Wilton Hill and Erskine Park subject to further consultation with residents and veterans.

Enterprise Hub

Enterprise Hub

We will be building an Enterprise Hub, which will create a flexible working space for new and established businesses, and provide opportunities for life-long learning, up-skilling, training and more. The Enterprise Hub will be open to the whole community. We are aiming to break ground in 2021.

Royal Opening for Erskine House: See the news story on Entrain Space's site.

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